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Welcome to the NovaLution!

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Welcome to the NovaLution!

Post by NovaEdition on Mon Dec 01, 2014 4:10 pm

Welcome to the a novalution Website/Forum!

Let's get down to some rules of the community guidelines!
1. No profanity! If it's not allowed on T.V then it's not allowed here!
2. Advertising is allowed! But it's not if its to different forums!
3. No asking for Mod. Moderator ranks is for official Team Members of Novalution
4. No bad names.
5. no bullying, please don't.
6 that's all for now...

Also! I hope to do giveaways! But it's still a work in progress...

By the way! Site may go down on weekends to be worked on! So if you see that it's in maintenance, I'm working on the site ATM! Site maintenance may happen at 12:00 AM Eastern Time...

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